Myth Of Equal Pay

By Marz Blackman March 17, 2015

Politicians are an extremely deceptive bunch of shady characters.  Anything they say or purport to stand for must be vigorously challenged.  The reason to be vigilant is they can’t be trusted.  Those at the top of the Political Parties are only obsessed with obtaining as much power and votes as possible with no regard for the well-being and stability of the people that vote for them or the country as a whole.

One of their key issues that they supposedly are passionate about is equal pay for women or the gender wage gap. You may have seen Patricia Arquette babbling on about it at the Oscars a couple of weeks ago.  This a classic example of deceptive Democratic identity politics.  It is shameful how they willfully, with no regards for ethics, attempt to play on emotions for votes.

The truth is there is a disparity in pay among women and men.  Women earn on the average much less than their male counterparts.  According to the Census Bureau men earn on the average 23 more cents per hour than women.  However, that number leaves much to be desired and does not tell the whole story.  This is the number that many Democratic politicians and pundits refer to in order to arouse emotion in the unsuspecting and ignorant.

What they don’t tell you is that white women make 23 cents less for every dollar a white man makes.  According to the 2010 US Current Population Survey, National Committee on Pay Equity, and Bureau of Labor Statistics black women earn 70% and Hispanic women earn 60% of what a white male makes.  Also, black men earn 75% and Hispanic men earn 60%.  We can clearly see that this is not a gender issue at all.  Also, many women will not work in some industries traditionally dominated by men like construction, accounting, mechanic, law enforcement, and firefighter.  The tech industries have many start-ups and well paying jobs but women are absent for the most part.  These types of jobs normally pay more than traditional women jobs like secretary, teacher, healthcare, child care, and social worker.  Many women are not interested in doing the dangerous jobs or for whatever the reason they don’t want to work in some industries.  This helps to create the appearance of unfair pay.  The Equal Pay Act was signed into law in1963 by President Kennedy, already making it illegal to discriminate based on gender.

What about the disparity in pay for men?  Why isn’t there the fair pay act for black and Hispanic men considering they earn much less than white men?  Also, Hispanic men earn less than black women.  These don’t fit into the Democrats paradigm for securing the “woman” vote.  They use other tactics to entice these groups.  This alone shows the deception on which much of their tactics are based.  This is deceptive politics at its finest, all designed to play on emotions to get a certain group riled up and headed to the voting booth.

I don’t believe there is some grand scheme to discriminate against women in pay.  This is something that is used to gin up women voters.  I don’t believe the vast majority of Americans care about how much a woman makes.  There are some women that are fabulously wealthy and men are totally fine with that.  This isn’t some patriarchal society like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, or any other country that purposely holds women down.  A woman can do or be anything she wants here and there are many examples of that.